Why the Madison Amendment?

The Madison Amendment gives States the same power as Congress to propose an individual Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

"ARTICLE ___. The Congress, on Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, which all contain an identical Amendment, shall call a Convention solely to decide whether to propose that specific Amendment to the States, which, if proposed shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified pursuant to Article V."

We need to restore accountability and balance in Washington

Many Americans believe that the growth of federal power and especially of federal debt is out of control. Congress continues to impose unfunded mandates on states. Many Americans believe that new Constitutional checks and balances or at least the possibility of them may be necessary to improve accountability and fiscal discipline in Congress.

Congress should not have a monopoly on the power to propose a specific amendment to the Constitution

Today, only Congress can propose a specific Amendment to the Constitution. Article V allows Congress to do so by a 2/3 vote or 2/3 of the states can demand that Congress call a Convention to propose Amendments.

But states have feared that a Convention they call for to propose an Amendment might do something unexpected, so there has never been such a Convention.

The Madison Amendment would end that risk. It would clearly give states the right Madison argued in the Federalist Papers they already have, to limit a Convention they call for to just the Amendment they propose.

How the Madison Amendment would improve American Government :

1. Because States would have power to propose a Constitutional Amendment to ban them, unfunded mandates would probably end.

2. State leaders would gain influence on federal laws and spending that impact their state.

3. Congress would no longer have the power to block Amendments just because they limited its power or forced it to make tough fiscal choices.

4. There would be no more risk of an accidental runaway Constitutional Convention because states would have the clear power to limit a Convention they call for.

5. With the new power to propose Amendments, states would be more effective partners working together with the Federal government to solve America's problems.

6. The people could make Congress more accountable, working with state leaders for change if Congress refused to listen to the people's views.

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