Volunteer: Here's How


Action Items:
1. Give us permission to use your name as a Member of "Madison Amendment Coalition's "National Grassroots Leadership Committee."
2.. Recruit others to join the Committee as Madison Amendment supporters and let us know who you have recruited. (Info@MadisonA.org). We recognize top recruiters.
3. Blog about the Madison Amendment on your favorite websites.
4. Tell your friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networks that you are a "Madison Amendment" supporter. Recruit other supporters.
5. Contact political and nonpolitical youth organizations and student government leaders in your state or area and tell them about the issue. --Ask if they will spread your email, including within it the email from the 4 Members of Congress, to others. Ask if you can speak at their next meeting. --See if you can get some of them to join the Coalition.
7. Get ready to make contact with local Members of the State Legislature and Congress in your area when you have a group in your area ready to do so together. This is a bipartisan effort so you can reach out to anyone. First...Read and get educated. Practice your arguments. Second...Send the office an email, perhaps including the email from the Congressional sponsors. Third (if you want)..Make an appointment to go and see the legislator or a staff member.
8. Contact local community leaders and limited government advocates in your are and tell them about this idea.
9. If you would like to be part of our young leaders media outreach team or "speakers outreach team let us know and we can help to train you.
10. Think of your own projects. We need your ideas.

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