Introduced July 30th 2010


On Friday July 30 the proposed "Madison Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution to restore a balance of federal and state power was introduced in The U.S. House of Representatives by:

Rep. Walt Minnick (D, ID)
Rep. John Culberson (R, TX)
Rep. Rob Bishop (R, UT)
Rep. Henry Cuellar (D, TX)

Here is the Dear Colleague they signed in support of the Amendment:

We write to request your co-sponsorship of the "Madison Amendment" to help restore a healthy balance of State and federal power in our Constitutional system of government,

We believe that America's problems can best be addressed if there is a spirit of partnership, cooperation and respect between State legislatures and Congress. Without making any change to the structure of our Constitution, or the checks and balances intended by its authors, the Madison Amendment helps give States the "seat at the table" they need to create that partnership.

By ensuring that Article V of our Constitution is interpreted as its authors intended, the Madison Amendment guarantees that States have the power to limit the scope of an Article V Convention to a single amendment. The Amendment eliminates forever the risk of an accidental "runaway Constitutional Convention" and ensures that States have, as the Constitution's authors intended, the same power as Congress to propose a single Amendment to our Constitution.

The Madison Amendment moves power out of Washington and back to the States and the people. We believe it merits your support.

Thank you for your consideration.


Walt Minnick
John Culberson
Rob Bishop
Henry Cuellar
Members of Congress

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